Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the "MICRO-CRACK INJECTION PROCESS™" have to be repeated twice a year like insecticides and sprays?

A: No! If it is not a new structure and the logs are no longer shrinking, a one-time application is usually all that is needed. If the log structure is brand new and the logs are still shrinking there is a slight possibility that it may have to be repeated in three to four years.

Q: Are insecticides or sprays used in the process?

A: No! We use our own proto-type equipment to inject a sealant deep into the problem areas.

Q: How small of a check or crack can be sealed?

A: We use several different size injection needles, with .030" - 1/8" & 3/16" being used most often. We can inject sealant into checks and cracks as small as the thickness of a dime and into holes as small as the end of a ballpoint pen.

Q: Is the injected sealant visible?

A: In most cases, we strive to inject the sealant in a way that is not visible. But, invisibility depends on the location and size of the problem.

Q: Does this process eliminate the fly problem 100%?

A: Customers have seen a decrease in their fly problems by about 85%. You also have to remember that every time you open a door, flies will get into your home.

Q: Does this process help any with cold drafts and heat loss?

A: Yes! Customers have actually seen their thermometers rise in a room as that room is sealed up.

Q: Can my structure be sealed anytime of the year?

A: Yes, as long as the temperature in the interior of the structure is a minimum of 45°.

Q: What type of log homes can the process be used on?

A: All log styles, all wood species, post & beam, timberframe, etc...

Q: How much does the process cost?

A: Every structure is a different size, different plan, different log package and different age. Therefore, one price cannot be used for every structure. We will personally inspect your structure to assess the problem areas and then inform you of the calculated cost for protecting your investment.